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Julia "Jewels" Proctor is a Creative Influencer, Dream Coach, and Motivational Speaker who graduated from The Art Institute of Washington as a Digital Film and Video Production student. With a career dedicated to creative development for TV and film, Jewels has honed her craft through diverse experiences in the industry. She has previously lent her talents to esteemed organizations such as BET Interactive, Okeefe Communications, the National Institutes of Health, Mnemonic Agency and T.Rowe Price. 

In her journey within the creative field, Jewels discovered a remarkable ability to conjure creative concepts spontaneously. Her repertoire boasts numerous original ideas for TV and film, characterized by intricate plots that seamlessly blend reality and imagination. With a storytelling style that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, Jewels masterfully guides viewers through unexpected twists and turns, captivating them at every turn.

As a Dream Coach, Jewels leverages her unique blend of creativity and insight to empower others to pursue their dreams with passion and purpose. Her organic brainstorming approach allows her to forge deep connections with her clients, guiding them toward their aspirations while nurturing their personal growth and self-care. As a Motivational Speaker, Jewels inspires audiences with her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering belief in the transformative power of dreams.

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